Carlos Melconian: “The vaccine does not stain”

The economist Carlos Melconian visited El noticiero de LN hosted by Eduardo Feinmann Source: LA NACION

Debuted The news, Eduardo Feinmann’s space in the renewed programming of LN +. The Economist Carlos Melconian was one of the guests of the first program in which he was thoroughly treated the scandal for those vaccinated with privilege linked to politics and the business and union world. “‘I did not like him. It generates impotence, anger. On the other hand, when I have to do a bit of analysis to place it in context, it is endogenous to berretalandia“Melconian said without hiding his annoyance at the reprehensible vaccination exercise tinged with corruption.

Carlos Melconian and Eduardo Feinmann discussed the political and economic situation


Eduardo Feinmann, who opened his first program with an extensive column, asked him if the VIP vaccination of people linked to power was not similar to keeping state assets for their own benefit and that of their friends. Melconian did not hesitate to highlight the seriousness of the events: “When you become a public official, when you handle public money, the responsibility is double. For this it is worth the same, but this is worse than money. That is where the turtle escaped, ” reflected the economist who knows the administration of public funds since He was president of the Banco de la Nación Argentina between December 23, 2015 and January 18, 2017.

In the middle of the talk, Feinmann echoed a transcendent about the president’s private sphere: “They say that Alberto Fernández in private said that you don’t screw around with the vaccine.” Before the comment, Melconián finished with soccer irony: “The vaccine does not stain.”

The economist Carlos Melconian analyzed in LN the scandal of the privilengio vaccination Source: LA NACION – Credit: Santiago Cichero / AFV

On Friday, some of the names of privileged vaccinates who received the first dose of the vaccine to mitigate the effects of Covid-19 in case of infections were known. Immediately, the political bomb exploded in Balcarce 50 and had international repercussions in a few hours: “As in Argentina you have a huge credibility problem, this is a mortal wound. It is not a question of direct economic impact, but it is a fatal weapon wound, ” Melconian graphed.

On the economic question

Finally, the economic situation of the country won the conversation: ” It is ruffled, celebrating that the Central Bank is buying dollars again in a total darkness. It is dark, with little publication, both the local debt that is placed and the market, rebounding some sectors with shortages. The government if it came to stay 8 years and if it comes to revalidate in October, it has to think under what methodology it wins, ” said Melconian.

Vaccine and inflation were the pillars that Feinmann outlined as workhorses for the ruling party to win future elections. But Melconian responded apocalyptic: ” With the current fiscal and monetary situation, they will not be able to tame inflation between now and October. Under this scheme you can only repress it, gaining a mess for later. With an Argentine vision, beyond October I am worried that they will go out of hand with the inflationary repression. Argentina almost since 2007 has not created formal private employment. That is the Argentine labor law, all the issues related to obsolete things. For the first time in Argentine history, we have 7 million informal “, sustained Melconian whose passage through The news of LN + left several relevant titles.

Before Eduardo Feinmann dismissed him, the economist referred to the current Minister of Economy: “This boy who has just been vaccinated, Martín Guzmán. When they come from abroad and they want to teach you ethics and all this, they have no forgiveness from God.” , he finished without half measures.



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