Carlos Menem is still hospitalized for a urinary infection and is given antibiotics – Télam

The former president was admitted for the third time in 2020.

The former president and current national senator Carlos Saúl Menem spent the first night of his new hospitalization without shocks and is subjected to a treatment with antibiotics due to a urinary infection.

Sources from around Menem explained to Télam that Tuesday’s hospitalization was decided after the former president and current national senator for La Rioja experienced a “slightly high” heart rate.

“We transferred him and it was a urinary infection. He is hospitalized because they have to give him antibiotics, but he had a good night, “the same sources told this agency early in the morning.

Menem, who turned 90 on July 2, is admitted to the Los Arcos sanatorium in the City of Buenos Aires.

During this year, Menem had had other hospitalizations: on one occasion, he was admitted to the Institute for Diagnosis and Treatment for bilateral pneumonia, after which he was hospitalized for a low blood saturation condition.

Menem, former president of the Nation in the period 1989-1999, has a mandate as senator for the province of La Rioja until 2023.


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