Carlos Mesa: “We believe that the final result of the election will be known tomorrow or the day after tomorrow”

Carlos Mesa voted in La Paz

The candidate of the Citizen Community, second in the polls, cast his vote in La Paz announced that the counting of votes in the general elections of Bolivia will be slow. “We believe the final decision will be known tomorrow or the day after tomorrow,” he said.

Mesa said that the decision of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal to suspend the Preliminary Results Dissemination system (DIREPRE) “is not ideal” but it can be positive. “We understand that they made the decision to guarantee the security of the vote, we are going to be patient and we ask the population to be patient,” he said.

In addition, he sent a message to his opponents: “You have to act with great prudence since any declaration before time can create conflicts.”

For Mesa, today’s election is “a fundamental moment in the country’s history, to move forward with security and certainty.” “Do not stop voting, it is an extraordinarily important day and the commitment to democracy cannot be expressed in any other way than by voting,” he asked.

The TSE’s decision was endorsed by the main international missions present in the country to observe the elections and by candidacies such as the Citizen Community, while others such as Creemos and the Movement Toward Socialism question it and even the latter announced its own computer system of votes.

The day of general elections in Bolivia, in which the president and vice president will be elected and the Legislative will be renewed for the next five years, began with the opening of the polling stations where more than seven million Bolivians will be able to vote, while another 301,000 are registered. in about thirty countries.

Mesa fights to enter the ballot

Mesa fights to enter the ballot

The 5,134 voting precincts throughout the country began to open at 08:00 local time (12:00 GMT) and will operate for nine hours uninterrupted until 17:00 (21:00 GMT), when the schools are expected to close. In total, 7,301,294 Bolivians They have been authorized to vote in elections in which five candidates concur, after three other candidates have dropped out of the electoral race, among them Jeanine Áñez headed.

Some 35,000 police and military will guarantee the normal development of the elections between biosecurity measures against covid-19.

According to the latest surveys, the competition is heading for a voting scenario with results similar to 2019, when riots and fighting broke out between Morales’ adherents and refractory. A new brief difference that could define a second round or the final result towards the MAS candidate – the favorite of the polls – could reinstate the uncertainty. The climate of hostility remains and the fear of a new spiral of violence is installed.



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