Carlos Queiroz leaves the Colombia National Team, they say in Portugal

The possible departure of Carlos Queiroz from Colombia selection transcended borders and from his country already They took it for granted that the coach agreed with the directors of the Colombian Football Federation about his departure.

The Portugal’s Record newspaper reported that the coach will leave the national team in exchange for the 2 million dollars that are stipulated as a clause to be paid in the event that one of the two parties terminates its contractual relationship earlier than agreed.

According to this recognized sports media, the Federation is “Negotiating a phased payment plan with the Portuguese coach.” The newspaper added that this negotiation between Queiroz and Ramón Jesurún, president of the FCF, took place on the best terms because they have a very cordial relationship.

Carlos Queiroz leaves the Colombia National Team

“Carlos Queiroz is serene and leaves with a totally clear conscience”, Record concluded.

What was published by the newspaper coincides that the version delivered a few hours ago by Caracol Radio journalist Darcy Quinn, who since this morning confirmed that the clause they would have to pay the technician was $ 2 million and that the FCF is studying a payment plan.

The last few days have been quite chaotic for the Colombian National Team, especially due to the journalistic reports that indicated that there was a tense episode in which some players came to blows.

Several communicators have also indicated in the last hours that José Pékerman wants to return to the national team. But nevertheless, It does not seem very likely that the same managers who did not want to continue with him two years ago are now looking for him to return.


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