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Ex-congressman Carlos Raffo admits that he gives advice to the presidential candidate of Popular Force, Keiko Fujimori, although he claims that he does so as a friend and not as a shadow adviser. He added that active politics “is incompatible” with his private activity. And he reveals that he lent him the office he rents to the orange leader for a recent interview.

– The house where Keiko Fujimori gave the interview with Punto Final is it your property?

That garden where the interview was given is my office garden, an office that is rented, it is not my property.

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– And how was it determined that the interview takes place in the garden of your office?

In the most spontaneous way, Keiko told me that, by protocol, I needed an open place, she has no garden, and I said “go to my office and do it without any problem”, with total clarity. She needs a place open for the pandemic, she does not have it, nor the Paseo Colón location [de Fuerza Popular] nor does your house have an open space. As a friend I lent him the garden of my office, which is rented.

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– What is your role in the Fuerza Popular campaign? Do you give Keiko Fujimori advice?

The loan has been from a friend who provides a garden for a friend, it is not related to a political function in the campaign. It is true what Keiko said, in the sense that we have met again, we were estranged for many years due to political disagreements, but when she fell into prison, through mutual friends I expressed my solidarity for the difficult moment that I was living. That ended our differences and we grew closer. This is a personal and friendly relationship, not a political relationship. I am 100% dedicated to my private activity, I have no interest in returning to politics, it is a commitment to my family. Political activity is incompatible with private activity. I am calm away from politics. For me, it would be a suicide to return to politics, Keiko knows this and respects it.

– If Keiko Fujimori knew that they were in an office that you rent, why didn’t he clarify it by having three opportunities to do so?

She says two things, that it is not my house, which is true; He says that I live in La Molina, which is also true, and when they ask him for details, in the sense, if it was a house related to me, he says he cannot specify it. Why? Because she respects the reservation that I had asked about this fact, it is an answer from a good friend. She has not lied, when they have asked her she says “I can’t tell you about it” and she does it because of the reservation that I asked her. And to avoid political interpretations such as those that are already being made. You want to create a storm in a glass of water. Keiko is being attacked for the simple fact of having kept a simple thing in reserve.

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– Do you give advice to Keiko Fujimori for his campaign?

My relationship can be summed up in two words: good friend. I have a role as a good friend, I am very close to Mark [Vito Villanella], we have resumed a friendship that had been interrupted. And within that condition of friend, we talk about personal, family and political issues. And as a friend, I give him my opinions on various circumstances, such as, for example, telling him how he did in an interview. Or give him an opinion on his government plan, but I categorically rule out that I have an active role in his campaign. Not even his own team knows me, I don’t have a role.

– Aren’t you a shadow adviser to Keiko Fujimori?

It would be very pretentious of me to say that I am an advisor, I am just a good friend, and as such I can give my opinions, from there it does not happen.

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In 2011, as part of his campaign for Parliament, he launched the show “El panda canta” at Barranco Station. (Karen Zarate | El Comercio Archive)

– You are not behind the communication strategy of Fuerza Popular? Keiko Fujimori recently relaunched “El baile del Chino”

It would be false and pretentious to say that I am the owner of the Fujimori campaign style. While this matches what I did years ago, I am neither the creator nor the owner of the Fujimori style of campaigning. I am neither the creator nor the promoter of this [los videos de Keiko Fujimori]. There is a meeting between father [Alberto Fujimori] and daughter, that makes me very happy, that has brought these kinds of consequences.

– You were the link for the reconciliation between Keiko Fujimori and your father, former President Alberto Fujimori?

I am going to keep secrets on these subjects that are strictly familiar.

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– Will you continue to provide, as you refer, political advice to Keiko Fujimori?

I am very hurt by all the misinterpretations, this affects me on a personal and professional level. However, a good friend does not walk away or run. All I want to do is reaffirm my friendship [con Keiko Fujimori]. I will not abandon my friend or cut the friendship for some attacks that I am receiving in the last hours. And I want to specify that my relationship is personal, not political.

– If Keiko Fujimori were to win the Presidency, would you have any position?

I absolutely rule out that this personal situation is going to have a political consequence. I do very well in the private sector, I do not want to know anything with the active policy, that is a blood commitment to my family. If she is president of the Republic, I will be very happy, I will be from my house applauding and wishing her the best, but I am not going to join any team.

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– According to the latest El Comercio-Ipsos survey, Keiko Fujimori remains at 8% and cannot climb any further. Five weeks before the elections, how do you see your options?

With all the problems Keiko has had, with all the mud that has fallen on her, being in the first platoon is a great achievement and I congratulate her on that. And there are two ways of looking at the glass: half empty, and half full, I see it as half full, this is the only comment I will make.

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