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Carlos Sainz of Scuderia Ferrari says he is confident that the 2022 F1 World Championship will be a new generation F1 car that will follow his rivals when passing corners.

F1 introduced new regulations in 2022. One of its goals is to enable closer races on the track. In recent years, increased downforce and aerodynamic complexity have created dirty air, and subsequent machines have lost downforce during the battle.

Also, drivers struggling to overtake are often forced to stay out of control to control temperature, making wheel-to-wheel racing even more difficult.

During a pre-2022 season shakedown run in Barcelona, ​​Carlos Sainz said he noticed a significant difference compared to 2021 while chasing a rival’s car passing through the corner.

“I tried it intentionally, but I can say that I’ve already noticed some differences,” said Carlos Sainz.

“It’s already pretty obvious. I’m relatively positive about it. I’m optimistic that I’m heading in the right direction.”

Carlos Sainz, who is celebrating his second year as a Ferrari F1 driver, had limited input last year due to most of the carryover from 2020, but this year Ferrari to support the development of F1-75. He says he is ready to provide further feedback.

“For me, 2022 is one of my favorite seasons in F1. How much input can the driver give to the development and feedback of the car to guide the challenges and teams it presents? That’s why, “said Carlos Sainz.

“By the time I arrived at Ferrari, the car was almost already in development.”

“This year is a whole new start for me and I feel it’s a good opportunity to develop the car and give feedback.”

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