Carlos Slim is one of the 10 richest in the world

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Mexican businessman Carlos Slim fell to 12th place on the Forbes 2020 millionaires list, with a fortune of 52.1 billion dollars, showing a loss of almost 12 billion dollars compared to last year, when he occupied the fifth place worldwide with a fortune of 64 billion dollars, according to Milenio.

Jeff Bezos remained the richest in the world for the third consecutive year, with $ 113 billion, despite the fact that after his divorce he had to give up part of his fortune to his ex-wife. However, he managed to increase his wealth thanks to the impulse of Amazon, which has become even more relevant due to the pandemic.

Forbes reports that the businessman who won the most was Qin Yinglin, who is ranked 43, with a fortune of 18.5 billion, 4.3 more than last year, because the shares of his company, Muyuan Foods, increased strongly after that African swine fever caused an increase in the price of pork.



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