Carmen Calvo recalls that pardon is possible against the prosecutor’s criteria

Monday, December 28, 2020 – 11:55

The vice president points out that the processing of the request for pardon of the Catalan independence leaders who remain in prison is a right that is regulated

Carmen Calvo, during a press conference.

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    Balos paves the way for the pardons of the independence leaders

The First Vice President of the Government, Carmen Calvo, believes that the Prosecutor’s report against the pardon of the condemned by the sovereign process Catalan abounds in a position contrary to the court that issued the sentence and recalls that the Government’s decision may be opposed to that criterion.

Calvo has referred to the processing of the request for pardon of the independence leaders who remain in prison in an interview on Spanish Television in which he stated that this request is a right that is regulated.

It has added that it has a procedure in which each one corresponds to his part, the Public Prosecutor to issue his report and the Government make the final decision. A decision that you have remembered that you can go in the line of what the reports raise of the Prosecutor or contrary to what they collect.

“Of that over 42 years there are all kinds of examples by all governments of the three parties that have governed, “he stressed.

After recognizing the peculiarity that these are facts that influence politics, he stressed that the applications for pardons will be processed in the same terms and criteria as the rest of the requests.

Furthermore, it has considered that the Prosecutor’s report in this case abounds in the opposite position of the very room II of the Supreme Court that issued the sentence.

“In a report you can put a lot of things within the competencies or outside those that are held. Nothing happens, “he added. When asking him if with those words he considers that the Prosecutor has exceeded his functions, Calvo has limited himself to answering that the report identifies a crime that the Supreme Court did not identify.

The vice minister has refused to link the government’s decision on these pardons with the Catalan elections on February 14 and he has stressed that the deadlines for any procedure of this type are not a function of any electoral process.

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