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Carmen Villalobos is under the scrutiny of users of social networks and the media for having been the protagonist of the recent production of ‘Televisa’ and ‘RCN’, ‘Hasta que la plata nos separe’, the ‘remake’ from an iconic Colombian telenovela first aired in 2006.

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Recently, the actress was a trend in Latin America for having been the moderator of the “Your urban music 2022” awards for the third time in a row. From San Juan, Puerto Rico, where the gala was held on June 23, He sent a message to his work team, thanking them for their effort and mentioning his pleasure in working with women.

I love working in female company. Although sometimes there are women who do not understand that and it is difficult

“Well God, here we are this group of wonderful girls, you know that I love working in this company with empowered women,” she said through her Instagram account.

“God enlighten us, none of this would be possible without the work of each one of us here present. Because I have always said that for me, who is the face, to shine, I need a great team, you are, ”she added.

In the images you can see the interpreter of ‘Café con aroma de mujer’ holding hands with the women who accompany her daily in her working day. She highlighted the theme of the rivalries that exist between the female gender, but also managed to mention the importance and push you feel when you connect.

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“I love working in female company. Team up with women. Although sometimes there are women who do not understand that and it is difficult, she added. But I do believe that it can be done and that is why I love being surrounded by unique, special women who love their work and do it with passion.”

“We can shine without overshadowing the one next to us… Because we all deserve to shine,” she concluded.

It was recently learned that the actress is having a difficult time with her current husband, actor Sebastián Caicedo, so It has been mentioned that the celebrities are in a process of separation, after having married in 2019. However, their love affair takes longer, since they have been together for more than ten years.

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