Carolina Cruz, Carolina Soto and Iván Lalinde cry in ‘Day by day’ for death

The presenters did not begin by singing the head of the program, as they usually do, but Ivan Lalinde took the spokesperson to reflect on the importance of saying goodbye to loved ones and say things in life.

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Later, he said that one of the workers of Snail Television He died in an accident after leaving his house on a bicycle.

Lalinde, although she said she wasn’t going to cry, couldn’t help but shed tears and her voice crackedwhile her other two companions, Carolina Cruz and Caroline SotoThey tried to contain themselves.

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The businesswomen also expressed their sadness at the death of their friend ‘Diegui’, Diego Rubiano, while several images of him appeared in the background.

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Cruz sent condolences to the mother and family. Soto, for his part, highlighted what a good person he was. Rubiano had photographs with various celebrities, including Egan Bernal and Gilberto Santa Rosa.

Capture of Caracol Television
Capture of Caracol Television

Diego Alejandro Rubiano was a producer who had been with the company for more than 4 years, according to his LinkedIn profile. Apparently, he was passionate about cycling and worked on the program ‘Day by day’.

” Good trip friend, Thank you for your dedication, friendship and service! We miss you! “, It was the message that the format sent on her Instagram account.

This is the tribute they paid to Rubiano in the Caracol morning:

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