Carolina Cruz talks about ‘Tarzán’ and his departure due to injury

The Alpha captain’s medical report was not revealed. in episode 77but it would be known today, July 5, 2022, in chapter 78 of the ‘Challenge The Box’. For now, he’s out of the game, temporarily.

Hence what happened to the two colored hair contestant has been a topic of conversation on other Caracol TV programs, including ‘Día a día’.

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In the morning they regretted what happened with the competitor, whose real name is Andrés Alfonso Miranda, and it was also clear that Criollo was not to blame for his injuryat least intentionally.

Additionally, the presenter ‘Caro’ Cruz made it clear that he would not like ‘Tarzán’ to leave permanently due to the injuryconsidering that it is one of the most outstanding of the ‘reality’.

Message from Caroline Cruz due to ‘Tarzan’ injury in ‘Challenge The Box’

“It would be very sad if he didn’t come back”was the first thing the former queen of Valle del Cauca said about the contestant who has been criticized for ‘Valkyria’.

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Later, the famous highlighted what the Alpha captain has meant to her in the competition. “It has been very important, it has been the protagonist,” he summarized and insisted that he does not want him to leave because of the injury.

Replacement of ‘Tarzan’ in the ‘Challenge’

In case an injury is confirmed that takes him out of the game permanently, Alpha Captain’s Post, that he would have betrayed Oquendoit will be occupied by the most recently deleted.

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Namely, If the departure of ‘Tarzan’ is confirmed before the result of the ‘Death Challenge’ on July 5, a former Beta would enter Alpha, Moisés. However, if the situation happens later, it is possible that Moses will not enter, but the one eliminated tonight, Duván or Juan Pablo.

Snail Television.
Snail Television.

What happened to ‘Tarzan’: accident in the ‘Challenge’, from Snail

The captain of Alpha had a incident in the ‘Sentence and Hunger Challenge’ on July 1, 2022, in a contact play against Criollo.

For this reason, and seeing that the participant complained and seemed unable to breathe well, the medical group of the Caracol Television contest gave him attention and then He was transferred by ambulance. His companions cried and waited of the medical opinion.

Part of what happened can be seen from minute 29:15 of the following YouTube video of ‘The Box Challenge’:

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