Caroline Receveur appears with a very dangerous cleavage, Internet users are fans!

As usual on social networks, Caroline Receiver posted a new photo of herself. By posting a snapshot where she reveals herself sublime and glamorous, the young woman drew much praise, including those of a certain Matt Pokora. Explanations.

Caroline Receveur sets the canvas on fire with her last photo

While she is currently on the Dubai side, Caroline Receiver take the opportunity to post pictures of her. This time, we can see the young woman in a beautiful black dress that turns the heads of her many subscribers. Indeed, Internet users did not take a long time to comment on the cliché: “Always so beautiful ”,“ Too beautiful ”,“ So pretty ”,“ I really like this dress ”,“ Superb ”,“ These pictures are magnificent, very elegant”Could one read in particular.

But that’s not all, another person had time to enjoy the photo, it is Matt Pokora. Indeed, the young man was happy to like this photo which is decidedly unanimous. As a reminder, Caroline Receveur is at the head of her own clothing brand, called Recc. Influencer, business woman, fulfilled mom, everything seems to be successful for the former reality TV candidate.

Caroline Receveur responds to her detractors concerning the co-sleeping

A few hours ago Caroline Receiver shared a photo of herself on an Instagram story where her 2-year-old son could be seen asleep in the couple’s bed. An image that made many Internet users react, who did not hesitate to ask the young woman questions. Indeed, they then asked him how often his son slept in the parental bed: “”Every night”, replied the former candidate of reality TV. An answer that did not please his subscribers at all, who did not hesitate to teach him a lesson in morality.

It must be said that co-sleeping is a practice that is the subject of criticism from psychologists and sexologists. But that does not bother Caroline Receveur at all, who assumes to sleep with her little one: “It doesn’t matter what pediatricians, other parents, family say… do what feels right and what makes you happy. There is no education manual to follow to the letter, just listen to your heart and needs of your child. Don’t beat yourself up for doing differently than your girlfriends or coworkers. Nobody knows better than you and him what you really need ”. That is what is said at least.

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