carried away by the disease, she left to join her companion Andy

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This Liegeoise was also seriously injured in the explosion. Miraculously saved from the rubble, she had barely escaped death. But this Sunday, we learn that Nathalie did not have the same luck. She finally joined her partner Andy, who was taken away by the disease.


His death marks the end of a veritable ordeal that has been going on for ten years now. Because since the accident on rue Léopold, Nathalie’s life had changed. Besides, she couldn’t rebuild herself, mentally and physically tired. Just over two weeks ago, she shared a strong message on Facebook, filled with anger. With the approach of the trial which must establish the different responsibilities in the explosion of rue Léopold, the Liégeoise could no longer hold back her anger: “The opposing parties want to delay the procedure to reach prescription” she explained , upset but also moved.

Because the young woman also testified to these long years spent trying to rebuild, somehow: “Years of shrink, personal development, drugs, drunk, suicide attempts … I was trying to understand that I had the right to be alive when the cancer started. Two years looking for answers, trying to understand why, I who thought I had healed my past. Then, I decide to go ahead, to live in Brittany near the sea which could only help me to heal. Fate presents me with another scenario: in 2018 I am pregnant, finally a hope of life, of renewal. But my baby does not survive in my womb. ” The explosion, the cancer, the loss of her baby, a series of hardships for Nathalie to bear: “The emotional shock was too hard to bear. I no longer want to go through aggressive treatments for my cancer, I want to be able to treat myself as I see fit. But these alternative treatments are often expensive. So I find myself stuck because people don’t want to admit their mistakes ”.

Ten years after this tragic incident, Nathalie will not finally attend the trial on rue Léopold. An explosion that ruined his life.



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