Cars from 1971

Dhe automotive year 1971 begins with a shock: The Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) surprisingly cancels the IAA scheduled for September. Economic reasons are given, the exhibition is too expensive with costs of 50 to 100 million marks. In retrospect, this is surprising, since 50 years ago nobody and nothing questioned the car. He was honored at numerous trade fairs and exhibitions, there were plenty of important, large auto shows in Europe, in Brussels, Rotterdam, Geneva, Paris, London (later Birmingham) and Turin, nicely spread over the year, only in 1971 just not in Frankfurt.

Half a century later, in 2021, the IAA will again not take place in Frankfurt, but in Munich. The reasons are well known. The trade fair suddenly lacked political backing, and car manufacturers no longer like trade fairs that much. How things will go on with the car shows is generally open. Apart from the IAA, only Geneva and Paris have or were relevant anyway. The Geneva Salon has already been canceled for this year, rumors say it will never be there again.

In contrast, the world was still rosy in March 1971. Although the Germans have had to get used to the new, large stop sign since March 1st, the Swiss women finally got the right to vote on February 7th, and the automotive world celebrated itself as usual at Lake Geneva in mid-March. Three new coupés from back then should be highlighted: The Alpine A 310 with its polyester body had its premiere, but the first Alpine (Berlinette) was still being built until 1977. Fiat brings the big 130 coupe with 3.2 liter engine and the beguiling lines of Pininfarina. Rolls-Royce is also showing the new Corniche, which was then available for 141,000 marks. In the exotic department, the Ferrari GTC / 4, the Maserati Bora and the Monteverdi 375 make their debut on Lac Leman.

The 107 series was built until 1988.  The SLC, however, only until 1981. In the picture an SL from 1985.

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Cars from 1971

On May 3rd, Erich Honecker took over power from Walter Ulbricht in the GDR, four days later the class enemy BRD and the Benelux countries got the Eurocheque, on May 17th the first Frankfurt Marathon took place.

The month before, the Mercedes-Benz 107 series, commonly known as the new SL, celebrated its premiere, initially only as a 350 with a V8 engine (for the first time) and 200 hp. The V8 also made its debut in the S-Class, which was not yet called that. The 280 SE 3.5 had already been seen in Geneva, the SL was not. This SL, which like its predecessor has a removable coupé roof, will be produced for a phenomenal 18 years without major changes.


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