Carsten Linnemann: The hot wire (

The CDU member of the Bundestag, Carsten Linnemann, looks ahead. At the end of November, a wise decision must be made about how to proceed with the corona crisis. In an interview with Deutschlandfunk, Linnemann, who is the parliamentary group vice-chairman of the medium-sized and economic union of the CDU / CSU, advocates opening up gastronomy. Not, for example, for taking away food, as is currently permitted, but rather specifically in city centers, because that promotes the Christmas business: “Today you don’t go into the city just to buy jeans, you go into the city to get around To have an experience purchase to have a cappuccino and much more. «He ignores the fact that an experience purchase in the run-up to Christmas in 2020 brings with it the possibility of having to exchange the purchased gifts, if at all, in the intensive care unit 43 year old. If one were to argue with the virus again right now, there would be no debate.

Dr. Carsten Linnemann, MdB

Photo: Thorsten Schneider / Mittelstands- und Wirtschaftsuni / obs |

Since entering the Bundestag in 2009 through a direct mandate, he has been considered a bearer of hope. Proposals by the graduate economist have weight and were not only incorporated into party and government decisions in the area of ​​pensions, but also in reducing the cold progression.

Aside from economic issues, Linnemann published a book that declared war on political Islam. He justified this by saying that in recent years he had been asked less and less about tax policy and more and more about issues of social cohesion. In his arch-Catholic homeland, he is considered a “hot line between Paderborn and Berlin”, as it was called in the “Westfalen-Blatt” on the occasion of a local corona crisis summit. On the subject of the climate, Linnemann was found to be less flattering as part of a “Bermuda triangle of the energy transition” in the Bundestag. He and two other Union politicians are responsible for the fact that there is no progress in climate policy.

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