Cartoons about improvisation, in ‘From the Word to the Tooth’

Cartoons about Lazkao Txikiri, Pernando Amezketarra and Txirrita were made in the 90’s. Listening to the tune of these programs is enough to dive into nostalgia; These drawings were a landmark of the versatility of many. They will be speaking about them in this week’s Word at the Tooth.

Specifically, they will meet with Koldo Izagirre, who took part in the creative project: what is the purpose and how did the idea come about? Why were these three bertsolaris chosen? What was the atmosphere like at the time in the bertsolaritza, on television and in the Basque world? They will answer these questions and more.

In addition, they will meet with Unai Gaztelumendi in San Sebastian to talk about the impact that this project has had on younger generations.

The verses will not be missing on Sunday, of course: they will be in Andoain, Legazpin and Pasai Doniban. On the other hand, they will have the opportunity to hear the words of old-time bertsolari women. On this occasion, Joxepa Antoni Aranberri will meet ‘Xenpelar’ and Martzelina Lopetegi. Joxepa Antoni was a woman of sharp response and bold attitude, and wrote verses on all topics; the most popular ones will probably be written in favor of the girl.

Martzelina was a resident of Oiartzun, and when she was a bertsolaris in pilgrimages and meetings, she was often approached and started in verse. Sunday, 3pm, Word to Dot on ETB1; and anytime at the EITB Nahieran portal.


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