Casa-Settat: The satisfaction of the Order on the beginnings of vaccination for private doctors

thursday, february 4, 2021 at 12:03 pm

Casablanca – The Casablanca-Settat Regional Council of the Order of Physicians (CROM) expresses a feeling of satisfaction with the progress of the first phase of vaccination against the new coronavirus (Covid-19) for private doctors, dentists and pharmacists of the first region of the Kingdom.

Carried out over three days at four sites (Casablanca, El Jadida, Mohammedia and Settat) and in strict compliance with protective measures, this campaign was marked by strong support from health professionals, confident in the efficacy of the anti-vaccine. -coronavirus, we welcome the side of the Order, which has taken on the organization of this operation.

“After a series of meetings, it was decided to open registrations. The number of doctors, dentists and pharmacists who have been registered has reached nearly 4,200 people, ”said Dr. Abdelkrim Zoubaidi, president of CROM, in a statement to MAP.

He stressed that the choice of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy (FMPC) to host this operation in Casablanca emanates from its symbolism for doctors, its geographical location and its large premises which facilitate the respect and practice of the deposit. of distancing.

The action, launched in coordination with the regional health directorate, enabled the vaccination of more than 3,700 health professionals in Casablanca-Settat, i.e. 1,130 injections on the first day, 1,300 the second and almost 1,300 the third.

“Regarding the participation rate of doctors, dental surgeons and pharmacists, compared to people wishing to be vaccinated, it reached 70%, while the proportion of doctors over 40 years old who received the vaccine has exceeded 52 % ”, Added Dr. Zoubaidi.

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The president of the CROM wanted to be reassuring about the safety of the vaccine by affirming that the side effects were “very minimal”, in particular pain at the injection site, chills in the evening or even a slight fever.

“Although we did not record any major incident, we had mobilized all the means necessary to manage the situation, in particular with the presence of resuscitation doctors in situ”, he said.

And to carry out this campaign well, a very specific process has been put in place for the beneficiaries. This process starts with the registration and verification of registrants who present a form filled in beforehand.

A medical assessment follows with doctors on site who check and ensure the absence of contraindication, before directing the beneficiaries to boxes where they will receive, after registration on a site that the Ministry of Inside, their dose of the vaccine.

A final step is to direct the beneficiaries to the observation room where they have a sweet drink and rest for 15 minutes to make sure everything is fine.

As for the results of the first phase, Dr. Zoubaidi affirmed that the objectives set initially were exceeded thanks to the large number of professionals, who showed their satisfaction with the vaccine and the progress of the operation.

He recalled that law nº08-12 relating to the National Order of Physicians encourages social action and support for physicians in specific cases. And to add: “The current context requires all health personnel to mobilize to serve the Nation. All the members of the National Order of Physicians and other orders were mobilized behind HM the King ”.

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To guarantee the best logistical conditions during this action, the Casablanca-Settat CROM entrusted the organization to an ordinal commission, in coordination with the regional health directorate, local authorities, the Regional Council of the Order of Surgeons. dentists, the Pharmacists’ Union and the FMPC.

This operation saw the participation of volunteer doctors from the private sector, who were vaccinators for their colleagues, nurses from private schools and several clinics.

A strong, civic and committed mobilization to ensure the maximum number of vaccinations. It is also a strong sign on the part of these professionals who set an example and express, like all Moroccans, their wish to get out of this impasse through vaccination, which remains the only possible way.

In accordance with the High Royal Instructions, the vaccination campaign, launched last Thursday by HM King Mohammed VI, will be free for all citizens. The objective is to immunize all components of the Moroccan people (30 million to vaccinate about 80 percent of the population), to reduce and then eliminate cases of contamination and death due to the epidemic, and to contain the spread of the virus, with a view to a gradual return to normal life.

This national campaign will take place gradually and in stages and will benefit all Moroccan citizens and residents aged 17 and over.

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