News Casado and Rajoy will wrap Feijóo at 11 years...

Casado and Rajoy will wrap Feijóo at 11 years of his first win


The pre-campaign of the popular Galicians warms up engines for their first major milestone. The date: next Sunday, March 1. The ephemeris: the 11th anniversary of Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s first triumph at the polls, in the 2009 regional elections. The place chosen: Orense, capital of the candidate’s home province. The annex of the Remedies Pavilion, the classic location of major electoral events in the city of As Burgas, will host a “mass event” in which the PPdeG will activate its machinery to gather more than a thousand people. With d
Exceptional guests: the national president of the party, Pablo Casado, and his predecessor in office, former president of the Government and honorary president in Galicia, Mariano Rajoy.

«It is an especially symbolic date for the PPdeG. We want to celebrate it in a very special way, ”Miguel Tellado admitted at a press conference in Santiago. The presence of Casado and Rajoy covering Feijóo when there are less than three weeks left before the start of the 5-A campaign gives a measure of what is commemorated: «One of the most important dates in the recent history of our party », Framed the number two of the PPdeG. At the gates of a process in which it will be decided whether the Community embraces the fourth consecutive absolute majority of Feijóo or opts to reissue not only the bipartite, but bet on a multipartite, Tellado recalled that “the triumph of 2009” was “a fundamental step for the PP in Spain », as it was the prelude to« recover the Government of Spain in 2011 »and, at the same time,« stop and throw nationalism in our Community from the Government ».

In the Galician PP they feel “tremendously satisfied” by the presence of Casado and Rajoy, “supporting this beginning (…) for now as a pre-campaign”. That the head of the party attend and who headed the central government “during a good period of Feijóo’s term as president of the Xunta” gives him a dimension in line with what it is to remember: the beginning of “11 years of service to Galicia, shielding self-government (…), good management, stability, service to Galicia ».

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Rajoy had already conveyed his intention to contribute to the campaign of the popular Galicians and in the PPdeG he counted that Casado would also travel to the Community “supporting the candidacy of Alberto Núñez Feijóo.” On Sunday they will do it twice in an act that looks to the past to put it in value while looking forward to the future, towards the «Galicia of the next 10 years», «more mobilized, more excited and more motivated than ever», Tellado said. «We are convinced that the unit in Galicia is a marching of quality. We want the Government of Galicia to remain united for years to come, ”said Feijóo himself from Noia (La Coruña). Unity and stability as pillars before 5-A.

A coffee with the candidate: the “proximity” bet behind the blue bank
Today in Noia (La Coruña), tomorrow in Silleda (Pontevedra). Feijóo will have a “coffee” with the neighbors of Galicia over the next few weeks. It is “the blue bank of 2020,” Tellado explained. “There is nothing that illustrates the proximity, the ability to sit and talk and listen to a cup of coffee,” he pondered. “It’s really what I like the most, in what I really enjoy and learn,” commented the candidate from Noia in the launch of the format. It is about “continuing to listen to people as we did these years, and if possible, even with more intensity and more proximity,” he said, before the “blockade” at the national level and to “recover the word given in politics,” he signed. .


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