Casanova: Private premises will work this Tuesday 17-N with 40% of their capacity

Hours before, Governor Omar Prieto said that “there will be no bagpipe dawn, there will be no street concentration.” The mayor reported that he had a conversation with Prieto: “They want to put us to fight, but it is not like that.”

Priselen Martínez Haulllier

07:19 PM / 16/11/2020

“We will not have the usual dawn of the fair this 17-N, as a public event with platforms, but the restaurants of the city will be open, as expressed in the flexibilization decree, at 40% of their capacity,” he explained to PANORAMA Mayor Willy Casanova, by phone, this Monday, November 16.

These statements were offered by the municipal authority hours after Governor Omar Prieto, through a press release, reported that for this Tuesday 17-N “there will be no dawn of bagpipes, there will be no street concentration” but that the celebrations of the Feria de la Chinita will be held “as a family to safeguard the health of all.”

Casanova said he had a conversation with Prieto: “They want to put us to fight, but it is not like that.”

“Over there there are many rumors of some concentrations; We have talked with all the mayors and we express our concern to them, “said the governor.

He said that they will have to “comply with the biosecurity measures that have been established. A deployment has been made with Civil Protection and Firefighters to order the removal of tables that exceed the capacity that is allowed.”

“We are going to allow mobility and circulation in the city to the extent that everyone complies. There will be no restrictions, it is up to each person to take care of the pandemic,” he clarified.

“This year our activities will be with the family. It has been an interesting year of great spirituality; those of us who have been the margin between life and death have been reborn as Maracaibo has been reborn, ”said Prieto.

The mayor of Maracaibo reiterated that this Wednesday 18-N there will be a solemn mass in honor of the Patron Saint of Zulianos and then he will go out in procession in the María Móvil through the streets of the city.

Regarding the act of exposing the Relic that took place this Sunday 15-N, in the portico of the Basilica, where the Mother received her devotees, she said that it was a “test that went well” because all the measures were met . He did not rule out that in the coming days there will be a new opportunity.

Regarding the traditional celebration of El Pozón, Casanova pointed out that it will take place on December 24 and 31 with all the biosecurity measures that “are already being prepared.”

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