Case of Amadora. Battered driver who called the police to report Cláudia Simões – Observer

Bus driver was beaten who called the PSP to denounce the passenger Cláudia Simões, who claims to have been beaten by police later, confirmed the Observer to a source of this security force. The assaults occurred on Friday night, in Massamá, in the municipality of Sintra, the newspaper Expresso said.

However, the source of the PSP did not confirm to the Observer that this is a retaliation related to the case of Amadora. “All hypotheses are open”, he said.

“There was no use of a melee weapon or a firearm, but rather physical strength,” intendant Nuno Carocha told Lusa. The PSP is on site and “has already referred some people,” said the spokesman.

After stating that the victim was the driver who called the police to report Cláudia Simões, the PSP denied the information. Now, it confirms again that the victim is the driver who denounced Cláudia Simões.

The victim suffered a severe blow to the head when taking a break from work and was taken to the Amadora-Sintra Hospital.

On Sunday, Cláudia Simões, 42 years old and mother of four children, was arrested at a bus stop in Amadora after a disagreement with the bus driver, who was attacked today, supposedly because her daughter did not carry the pass. According to Cláudia Simões’ report, the driver called a PSP agent who was passing by, having been approached “aggressively” and his cell phone was thrown to the ground.

The woman, who, meanwhile, was made a defendant, said that she suffered assaults in a PSP car, where she claims to have been punched and the target of verbal abuse before being assisted at the Fernando Fonseca hospital in Amadora.

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On Wednesday, the Minister of Internal Administration (MAI) ordered the opening of an inquiry into police action in the case of the arrest of Cláudia Simões, which resulted in a complaint against the police officer on duty. Several parties have already asked the MAI for clarification on police action in this situation and on Monday the PSP had already announced the opening of an investigation process following the woman’s complaint against the police.

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