Case of Carlos García Navegantes del Magallanes news

The manager of the Navigators of the Magallanes, Carlos Garcia, was separated from the team in the semifinals of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League (LVBP), but the true reason for this departure is still unknown, there is the version of the journalist sources and the version of the organization itself.

According to some journalistic sources that cover the LVBP, Carlos Garcia left the bench of the “Turkish Ship” by decision of the players and their disgust, but the organization of the players Navigators of the Magallanes it has other versions that none of them match.

The first thing that was heard of the case Carlos Garcia, is that “The Admiral” was separated from the position by demand of several players from the Navigators of the Magallanes, reason why Luis Carlos Rivera will be the interim manager in the semifinals of the LVBP.

On the other hand, the first version of the Navigators of the Magallanes was from the Administrative Board, where Maximiliano Branger stated that Carlos Garcia has not been fired from the team but isolated for a “possible” positive case of Covid-19 in the last semifinals of the LVBP.

However, the Sports Manager of the Navigators of the Magallanes, Luis Blasini, confirmed in an “official” way that the manager Carlos Garcia He was isolated, in quarantine for being infected with Covid-19 and that is the reason why he is not with the team in the continuity of the semifinals of the LVBP.

It is something extremely rare, several versions, the LVBP says something and the team of the Navigators of the Magallanes says something else regarding Carlos Garcia, something uncertain to know.

Who do we believe regarding the case Carlos Garcia?

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