Casino promotes Liverpool’s 2nd favorite to join the Carabao Cup – following Man City, not far away

Pool, Muang good, open the price for Liverpool to be the 2nd favorite to join the Carabao Cup championship after meeting a weak opponent in the 4th round, while the 1st favorite is still given to Manchester City as usual.

British bookmaker Sky Bet has named Manchester City as a favorite to win the 2021/22 Carabao Cup after completing the third round. On Wednesday, September 22

“The Blues” have a program in the fourth round, having to visit West Ham United, who have just beaten Manchester United in the past. By the pool shop, the price of Pep Guardiola’s team is the champion at 5/2 (stab 2 pay 5, excluding capital).

while Liverpool and Chelsea are the 2 favorites together at the price of 5/1 (thrust 1 pays 5, not including capital), while Arsenal are the 4th favorite at the odds 6/1 (thrust 1 pays 6 not including capital)

Odds for the Carabao Cup season 2021/22
1. Man City 5/2 (thrust 2, pay 5, not including capital)
2. Chelsea, Liverpool 5/1
4. Arsenal 6/1
5. Leicester 9/1
6. Spurs 10/1
7. Leeds 12/1
8. West Ham 14/1
9. Brighton 25/1
10. Southampton 33/1

The draw for the Carabao Cup fourth round draw will be played during the week of October 25.

– Chelsea (Premier League) v Southampton (Premier League)
– Arsenal (Premier League) v Leeds United (Premier League)
– Stoke City (Championship) v Brentford (Premier League)
– West Ham United (Premier League) v Manchester City (Premier League)
– Leicester City (Premier League) v Brighton and Hove Albion (Premier League)
– Burnley (Premier League) v Tottenham Hotspur (Premier League)
– Queens Park Rangers (Championship) v Sunderland (League One)
Preston North End (Championship) v Liverpool (Premier League)

Casino promotes Liverpool's 2nd favorite to join the Carabao Cup - following Man City, not far away

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