Castilla y León completely closes educational centers

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For a week the classrooms in Castilla y León have been closed to students and teachers to comply with the isolation decreed by the state of alarm, but the management teams of schools and institutes, as well as their administration staff, had to go to their I work to solve telephone doubts of parents or teachers and provide minimum services. From now on they will no longer have to do it because the Community has decreed the total closure of the centers until a new order
to avoid displacement and continue the battle against the coronavirus.

This was stated by the Minister of Education, Rocío Lucas, who on Monday reported on this decision taken by the Government of Castilla y León with the aim of “taking one more step” in the restriction measures to combat Covid-19.

The complete closure of the centers has been determined because, after «initial problems« to enter the virtual classrooms of the Community Education portal due to «saturation» of the visits, the fluidity and accessibility of the system can already be guaranteed thanks to that new servers have been launched and the capacity of the existing ones has been expanded. .


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