Castilla y León, in favor of prolonging the confinement beyond April 26

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The Minister of Health, Verónica Casado, was yesterday in favor of prolonging the confinement of the population beyond April 26, the day on which, unless the Spanish Government requests a new extension, the state of alarm would be lifted. In his opinion, “the epidemiological situation so advises”, since although it is true that the level of infections has slowed down and is between three and four percent, when it started in 30, they still do not occur the conditions to start the de-escalation.

In fact, the latest balance on the evolution of the pandemic in the Community shows 517 new cases, up to 13,697 infected, with 1,372 deaths, 35 more than the previous day. Regarding the global number of positives and possible, according to the activity of the Primary Care services, they total 36,287, 1,143 more yesterday, a figure lower than that of Tuesday, when 1,472 were registered, but similar to 1,147 on Monday .

Precisely, according to the losses in the health cards, from March 1 to yesterday there have been a total of 6,293 deaths in the Community from different causes and in different places, either in the hospital, in residences or in private homes. Of this number, 33 percent of those killed are due to coronaviruses or symptoms compatible with the disease.

Tested 50 percent of residences
Verónica Casado explained, however, that the number of confirmed cases has been increasing in the last few hours due to the fact that tests have been carried out, especially in nursing homes, which have been tested at 50% of the total and in 90 percent of the centers that are in a critical situation. In his opinion, the fact that in Castilla y León there was already an increase in positives while in other regions it did not rise until yesterday, is due to the fact that “perhaps we are faster”, since, he explained, as soon as the 62,000 tests from the Ministry arrived, its distribution began for its application.

In this sense, Casado assured that to date 9,365 rapid tests have been carried out in the Community for the detection of the coronavirus, of which 1,444 have been positive, which represents 15 percent. In addition, 43,876 PCR tests (of greater reliability) have been carried out, of which 16,161 have confirmed the existence of the virus (37%).

As for the situation of the hospitals, the average occupation is already 63 percent (61 more patients have left who have entered) and the intensive care units remains at 68. «As long as there are still incomes, it will be difficult to reduce these figures », Indicated the counselor. He also noted that there are no known cases in the Community of people who have contracted the disease again, but there is evidence in Korea and that is “bad news because it means that the ability to acquire immunity is poor.” .


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