Castilla y León proposes that the summer holidays be in April

Match the summer holidays with April. It is the exceptional measure in the face of an exceptional moment such as the current one caused by the coronavirus crisis that was raised yesterday by the president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, to the head of the National Executive, Pedro Sánchez. A proposal that he formulated in Sánchez’s videoconference with the rest of the regional leaders and that, according to Mañueco said later, “will be valued”.

“It would be a good measure to negotiate between public administrations, companies and workers”, defended Fernández Mañueco on this proposal with which, he said, it is sought that industrial activity “does not suffer” due to the slowdown that is suffering in the current state of alarm that Spain is at least for a month to stop the Covid-19. A fight in which the Chairman of the Board has made it essential to reduce “non-essential” industrial activity.

Aid to families
In economic terms, Fernández Mañueco has also advanced that with the aim of “helping families”, the Board will defer payment of the monthly fee for the purchase or rental of public housing. It will affect 10,000 families and will cost 1.5 million euros per month. One step, he advanced, within a broader set of measures that this week will address within the Social Dialogue with employers and unions in order to “protect workers, give stability to companies and favor the reconciliation of families.” “We are working to endure this situation and face the future with strength, which will be difficult,” he said. For its part, the Board will also streamline payment to suppliers, modify requirements for access to aid to adapt it to current circumstances.

In addition, he noted that they are already working, hand in hand with the Ministry of Industry, on a “complicated” matter such as “reorienting” production in certain companies and directing it to the manufacture of required medical and pharmaceutical material. “Where Castilla y León has the possibility of working hard and well”. .

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