Castilla y León records its record of immigrants “with papers”

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The economic recovery of recent years, which will now be cut short by the coronavirus crisis, attracted thousands of immigrants to Castilla y León, which closed last year with the highest number in its historical series, with 185,482 foreigners with registration certificate and valid residence card, reports Ical.

The data is obtained after three exercises of constant growth in the arrival of immigrants on a regular basis. The previous best record occurred in 2011, when the Community had 183,454 foreigners “with papers”, a figure that collapsed due to the recession to the ground of 2016, when it fell to 172,621, to start its rise again. , with 176,011 in 2017, 179,179 in 2018, and 185,482 at the end of 2019. That is, last year the registration of foreigners with a card shot up, which grew by 6,303 people, according to data consulted by Ical, provided by the Permanent Observatory of the Government Immigration.

The latest report confirms that on December 31 there were in Castilla y León a total of 132,955 immigrants from the European Union free movement regime, compared to the 52,527 of the general, which means that the former increased in the last year in 3,606 individuals, while the latter, did so in 2,697 people.

The figures provided by the Ministry of Social Security and Migration Inclusion reveal that within the free movement regime, 32,388 people had permanent residence in the Community; although 63,439 were in the Community for an “undetermined reason”. Likewise, at the end of 2019, there were a total of 6,563 people as relatives; 3,113 foreigners for studies; 1,965 for non-profit residence; and 9,597 for work for others and 788 self-employed. The average age of this group stood at the end of 2019, at 39 years.

As regards the general regime, it should be noted that 43,258 already had long-term residence; 2016 were in their first renovation; 243 in the second; and 3,463 in initial situation, along with 851 for roots and 1,282 for humanitarian reasons. In addition, 2,955 were in the Community due to family reunification, and 834 had a gainful residence. The report also indicates that 2,704 immigrants worked for others and 145 were self-employed. This group had an average age of 33.6 years, lower than that of Europeans.

Romanians and Moroccans
Government data show that within the free movement regime, the largest group that legally resided in the Community, as of December 31, 2919, was that of the Romanians, with 44,296 individuals, followed by that of the Bulgarians with 33,982. Likewise, 19,196 Portuguese were counted; 4,556 Italians; and 3,799 Poles.

An analysis of the general regime, specifies that the community with the most individuals with this regulation was integrated in the balance of last year, by the Moroccans, with 21,995 people, followed by the Chinese, with 3,911. In addition, there were 3,260 Colombians; 2,714 Ecuadorians; and 1,991 Dominicans. .


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