Castillo continues ahead in elections in Peru with 97.17% processed minutes

The candidate for the Presidency of Peru Pedro Castillo remains with more than 83,500 votes ahead of his rival Keiko Fujimori, in a very narrow vote count of the presidential elections, when 95.59% of the electoral records have been counted.

Castillo, a candidate for the leftist Peru Libre party, has 50.24% of the valid votes, compared to 49.75% for Fujimori, who ran for the presidency for the third time for the right-wing Popular Force party (FP).

According to the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE), the teacher and union leader of the magisterium has received 8,595,431 votes, while the daughter of former president Alberto Fujimori has had 8,511,882 votes, which means more than 83,500 fewer votes. than Castillo.

Fujimori said, in a press conference held at his party headquarters, that the difference in votes with Castillo keeps them “optimistic” because they trust that “the vote will match” with the vote cast abroad, reports EFE.

However, he then denounced an alleged fraud at the voting tables attributed to the representatives and followers of his rival Castillo with the aim of manipulating the vote in his favor.

“There is a clear intention to boycott the popular will,” said Fujimori and asked that the allegations of irregularity be shared on the networks under the slogan #FraudeEnMesa.

For his part, Castillo declared to his supporters gathered at his party’s premises in Lima that he will be “the first to enforce the will of the Peruvian people.”

The leftist candidate called for peace, tranquility and sanity, after assuring that his presence in the elections does not respond to “any personal interest”, but that “I am here for Peru.”

The presidential candidate Pedro Castillo (i) greets his followers while waiting for the electoral results on the night of June 7, from his campaign premises in Lima (Peru). Photo: EFE.

The professor and former union leader recognized the “courage” of his representatives at the voting tables and welcomed the “citizen vigil for democracy” that his followers are carrying out outside the ONPE in Lima.

“We will not tire of saying the usual, that only the people will save the people,” he said, amid the cheers of his followers who listened to him with chants and the detonation of fireworks.

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