Cat philosophy

The vaccine race and the fact that with increasing infections there are fewer people who can become infected should result in a certain normality by the end of the year; however, quite a few businesses and jobs will fall by the wayside, and some people more than others will suffer the consequences.

There are companies that are insolvent and no help is going to get them out of this sad situation; but others can be recovered. Leaving aside the ERTE, measures have been taken on the leases of premises, seeking to distribute the loss between businesses and lessors; the tax incentives that are given are very timid and should be much more attractive for at least half a million landlords to take advantage of them. Second, we have the State guarantees, of up to 90% of the loan, and the guarantee society for companies in the tourism sector, but since there are lines of financing at negative rates for banks, and credit systems scoring low-cost, a portion of these loans could be given at zero interest. You have to consider the over-indebtedness and extend the amortization as long as necessary, for companies that have a future. Third, the treatment and deferral of tax debts is poor; interest should not be charged in any case, because today the interest does not exist; tax aid is valued at 117 million, and would have to be much higher. The autonomous communities have to facilitate business mobility by temporarily eliminating tax burdens, and the municipalities their taxes and fees. In the fourth group, on contributions and social security, the same, the cost of postponements and bonuses is estimated at 73 million, and that amount could be multiplied. Nowadays, those who defend the free market and competition at all costs have thrown in the towel, and it is not difficult to build programs for public intervention by political parties, with the necessary coherence in the distribution of expenses and burdens, as it is obvious, by For example, the public money of an ERTE is designed to maintain employment, not to dismiss.

Economic policy now has a particularly complex load of ideas, and contradictory feelings appear when assessing the possible salvation of companies, workers, or specific groups of people. A way of being, of behaving, of thinking, more natural, spontaneous, and simple, is what John Gray misses in his little book Feline philosophy: cats and the meaning of life. Gray is a very popular social philosopher, and here he uses his imagination and ability to provoke the reader by arguing that the cat is a model of living and letting live, of which he admires how he enjoys moments; and he values ​​that, except for circumstances in which he feels a threat or is in a hostile environment, his affection and appreciation is natural and simple. Of course, we are not cats – if not Gray would not have written the book – we make difficult decisions and make mistakes, but two ideas beat in this little book: that we could approach the circumstances of life in a more practical and elementary way, trying to adapt to them; and enjoy and settle for the good we have, without always taking expectations, ambition, and desire to the limit.


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