Cata Vallejos answered openly about infidelity and her current relationship

Cata Vallejos is a constant user of social networks. And in that context, the one he uses the most is Instagram, where he constantly interacts with his followers.

It was in this context that Cata submitted to the well-known questions of the stories, where she received some uncomfortable inquiries about her current relationship with the Argentine actor, Nacho Di Marco.

“When he cheats on you, what will you do? And it’s not bad, men are shit, “was the request he received from a user. After cardboard, the former “Calle 7” responded without a filter.

I want to stop at this. I am very sorry that there are many people like that, with hatred for things that happened to them, thank goodness I have learned to continue with life after an episode, in love for example… I have managed to forgive and continue. I think this is very important to have a new relationship again and give you your place, love you, get to know you, and then be able to do it with the other, “he replied.

«It is important to attract what you are. If you are good love, you attract it. Healthy love, I trust myself and who I am », he closed influence it.

Cata Vallejos’s response

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