Catalina Maya revealed a health problem she recently had; she had to have surgery

The Antioquian model, remembered for his time on ‘Masterchef’recounted details of the hard times she experienced a few months ago because of the implants that were placed in her breasts.

Without a doubt, this is one of the episodes of his life that very few knew and that only until this Sunday, April 24, he exposed it publicly. In a interview with the program ‘La Red’from Caracol Television, Catalina Maya opened her heart and He talked about the difficult situation he went through.

And it is that when her modeling career was in full swing, she made the decision to have surgery and increase the size of her bust. Nevertheless, He never imagined that implants would become a headache in the future.

“20 years ago I got my implants for the first time and apparently I didn’t have to change them. That’s what the doctor told me at that time and due to my irresponsibility I didn’t find out much either “he told the gossip show.

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what was the problem you had Catalina Maya

As he recounted, when his son was born almost 14 years ago, He changed the implants for smaller ones and, as on the previous occasion, they told him that he could keep them as long as he wanted. Although everything was apparently going well, in March 2020, when the pandemic began, his health situation changed.

“I began to see that one of the ‘quicas’, or whatever you call her, was looking strange and I went to have a mammogram. Indeed, they had to change my implant because it had burst. Like crazy, I started calling my surgeon in Medellín and he told me that surgery was impossible because the operating rooms were closed, ”she explained, referring to the moment of the pandemic that the country was experiencing.

In fact, he confirmed that he thought about having surgery in the United States given the severity, but in the face of the COVID-19 emergency, surgery was practically impossible.

“It didn’t hurt me, but It was like having a deflated ‘quica’ and it was noticeable on your clothes like when you take a pump and it begins to deflate little by little, that’s how I saw it. It was impressive, but I had to wait. I trust Colombian medicine a lot, so I gave myself the blessing. I talked a lot with my doctor, yes, because I felt like he was scratching me, ”he added.

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Finally, he mentioned the medical reasons given to him, and recalled what had caused this annoying situation.

“They told me that it was normal, that it was not common, but that it can happen due to the wear and tear of time. The [doctor] He told me that it could be due to excess force and that there was something like a chuzón. I think it was because I started to exercise quite strongly and I wasn’t used to it, so I did do a lot of force”.

Here, his testimony in ‘La Red’:

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