Catalina Pulido referred to the complex family episode lived by Nicole Moreno

In a new broadcast of the program “Las Indomables”, the animators Patricia Maldonado and Catalina Pulido referred to the complex family moment that Nicole Moreno lived who several months ago handed over his son to Justice, who was formalized by attempted homicide, and was transferred to a center in Sename during the investigation period.

It all started when the cheerleaders read the statement from support for from “Luli” to Raquel Argandoña, who is going through an extremely difficult process after the attack carried out by her son against her ex-husband, the lawyer Hernán Calderón.

It was in this context that the cheerleaders recalled what “Luli” experienced when she handed over her son to Justice, indicating that “she went through a very tremendous thing for the son, in addition to the fact that one person died, “” Maldonado said.

“There was a terrible confrontation and the son was involved in this story, I think he has already left but he was detained for a long time,” added Patricia during her program. “She gave him up, she forced him to give himself up,” insisted the cheerleader.

After this, Maldonado indicated that “I would not want anyone to go through a pain like that. Sure, handing over a child is not easy, so I’m very happy for that little girl“.

For his part, Pulido pointed out that “I’m also going to say something in favor of Luli’s goat,” he said, alluding to the fact that the adolescent could have been influenced by “bad friends.”

Bad friends … unfortunately sometimes goats don’t realize that they have bad friends, that they are drones (…) they take advantage of you, and unfortunately they have to beat each other so that they learn, because the mother can tell them everything, but at that age they will not fish anything, because the mother ‘is a pain’, so I think that it is really important that one sticks the ‘artichoke’ solo, there is nothing better when you hit the fall alone, “said Pulido.

“Well… everyone has their times, and perhaps Luli’s son also learned that he had bad friends, if these goats sound… suddenly they have bad friendsCatalina added.

However, Pulido was interrupted by Maldonado, who was categorical in expressing that “you can have a very bad friendship, but that does not mean that you get into a lining the size of a ship in which you will have to regret tomorrow. rest of your days ”.

Finally, Maldonado declared that “when you get involved in a crime that is another story, that is, I understand that goats make mistakes, but let’s not blame friends either, if goats are not morons, goats taste perfectly well what is good and what is bad ”, he concluded.


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