Catalina Vallejos announces that she will settle in another country with her boyfriend: “We are very happy” | TV and Show

Complex days the Chilean influencer has lived Catalina Vallejos, who was criticized for indicating on social networks that she would not be vaccinated against the coronavirus. Due to that, with the passing of the days he had to retract.

However, the situation seems to have remained in the past for the young woman, since a few hours ago she announced on social networks that she will travel to another country with her boyfriend, with plans to work.

Through a story in his Instagram stories, Vallejos said that in the next few days he will travel to Mexico, since he got a visa to settle there for a time.

“I’m very happy. Very soon I am going to Mexico, I got a Mexican work visa. We have been processing it with Nacho for a while now and finally it came out so we have to go and validate it there and already begin to move there in Mexico. We are very very happy about that, “he said.

“We are also very happy because we will be able to meet again with several friends,” he added.


A week ago, the influencer had referred to her sayings regarding being vaccinated against COVID, ensuring that she had made a mistake.

“I made a mistake in stating that only with my defenses, if I eat well, I can fight any disease, since no one has a guaranteed life,” he said at the time.

“And of course, as in my close circle I did not have anyone committed to the disease, I never took the weight that I owed. I know that there are people who have not had a good time and it must be terrible to lose a loved one, and that is why I want to apologize if I happened to take someone, “he added.


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