users may face difficulties on Sunday

Uncertainty reigns at Montparnasse station (Paris). Saturday, October 19, the strike continues at the SNCF and users are waiting for information. "When a train is finally announced, there is first the shouts of joy and then the crush", reports the journalist Sofia Dollé from Paris.Only three trains Ouigo and six Intercity circulated throughout the territory.Highways, … Read more

Rembrandt exhibition in Cologne – WORLD

Breaking News Rembrandt exhibition in Cologne The artist celebrating the wrinkles Stand: 15:51 clock | Reading time: 4 minutes The Cologne Museum has organized the German special exhibition on Rembrandt's 350th anniversary from 1 November to 1 March Source: dpa Rembrandt has been dead for 350 years – yet as relevant as ever. The exhibition … Read more

How gold is made in stars

The phenomenon of "kilonova" has long been suspected of giving birth to heavy elements, but had never been observed before. Artist's depiction of two neutron stars at the melting point and explosion in kilonova. European Southern Observatory / ESO / L. Calçada / M. Kornmesser In 2017, two neutron stars merged hundreds of millions of … Read more

25 euros, no window, no toilet but wifi

Space is a significant cost driver, especially in popular metropolises, and staff is another. Hotel chains such as Formule 1, which belongs to the Accor Group, count on tiny rooms without their own sanitary facilities and the simplest buildings on the outskirts and access via pin code. The modern representatives like the Buddy in Munich … Read more

To revive Russia, JCDecaux partners with local competitors

In Russia, JCDecaux partners with its competitors to form a new heavyweight display. " This is the first step of consolidation, essential to regain lost market share "Said Jean-François Decaux, chairman of the executive board and co-CEO of JCDecaux, who after several years of failure and frustration, wants to see big again in Russia. Russ … Read more

Thourotte: Saint-Gobain factory blocked by strikers

Trucks in single file, as far as the eye can see. Heavy truck drivers were numerous this Wednesday morning to wait in front of the factory Saint-Gobain, Thourotte. Employees blocked the site to claim their claims. According to Daniel Armiel, central CGT union representative, 85% of the twenty employees of the central glass store have … Read more