Yvon Berland on the way for the LREM nomination

Yvon Berland, here in 2014 with Geneviève Fioraso – LILIAN AUFFRET / SIPA According to concordant sources, the former president of the University Aix-Marseille, Yvon Berland, must be invested on Monday by LREM to lead the presidential list at the municipal elections of March 2020 in Marseille. At four months before the election, Yvon Berland's … Read more

For 25 years, major pension reforms in France

For 25 years, France has undergone several reforms of its pension systems to respond to the aging of the population and the financial deterioration of its coffers. The entirety of a new project – a "universal system" by points – must be presented Wednesday by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. Created in 1945, the general social … Read more

Records yes, but in inequality

Awards of lesser amount, trophies that are not delivered and, above all, total absence of labor rights in front of his male partners, something unthinkable in any other activity. A congress in Seville on gender and sport violence brings out the inequality records that embarrass Spanish sport. PILAR bald “In the throw to the plate, … Read more

New crisis of the Swedish Academy on the eve of the delivery of the double Nobel Prize in Literature

Gaspar Cano Stockholm Updated:12/06/2019 01: 10h save Mal has begun the week of celebrations that concludes next Thursday in Stockholm with the delivery of the two awards Nobel Prize in Literature corresponding to the years 2018 and 2019. Last Monday, two external members of the Nobel committee, writers Kristoffer Leandoer and Gun-Britt Sundström, resigned for … Read more