Cathay Financial Group raised 52.5 billion yuan to create the largest cash-increasing case since the establishment of the financial holding company | Anue tycoon-Taiwan stock news

Cathay Gold (2882-TW) The price of the current increase case has been released. According to the latest announcement, the current increase price per share is 35 yuan, and it is expected to raise about 52.5 billion yuan from the market, which is the largest cash capital increase since the establishment of the financial holding company. Calculated in yuan, the discount rate is about 16.7%.

Affected by factors such as global central bank interest rate hikes and large compensation for epidemic prevention insurance policies, Cathay Financial launched a large-scale capital increase. According to Cathay Financial’s previous plan, the price per share of the capital increase was set in the range of 26 to 40 yuan, and the chairman was authorized to make a decision. The share price is 35 yuan.

According to Cathay Gold’s plan, 35 billion yuan of this cash capital increase will be used for the capital increase of Cathay Life Insurance. After the capital injection, China Life’s capital adequacy ratio (RBC) will exceed 350%, and the net worth ratio will also increase to more than 6.2%; another 100 The 100 million yuan is used to inject capital into Cathay Pacific Property & Casualty Insurance, which has suffered a large compensation of more than 18 billion yuan due to epidemic prevention insurance.

According to Cathay Gold’s announcement, the base date for this increase is December 11, of which the payment date for original shareholders and employees is from December 14 to 22, and the subscription payment period for specific individuals is from December 23 to 22. On the 26th, in other words, the funds raised for this current increase will be in place before the end of this year.

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