Catherine Wilson Finally Free From Prison, JAKARTA – Artist Catherine Wilson finally free after completing the sentence related to drug abuse cases.

The woman who is intimately called Keket was picked up by her family at Lapas Depok, West Java, on Saturday (13/2).

“Alhamdulillah, I was free. Yesterday morning (Keket was free, red),” said Reindy, Catherine Wilson’s manager, to JPNN, Sunday (14/2).

“I also got news from her sister. So in the afternoon I just made a video call with her,” continued Reindy.

Currently, said Raindy, Keket is enjoying time to reunite with his family.

According to Reindy, Keket really missed his family during his stay at the Prodeo hotel the last few months.

“What he misses the most is his mother, nephew, brother, yes all his family,” said Raindy.

It is known that Catherine Wilson was sentenced to seven months in prison by the Depok District Court Judges.


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