“Cattle” begs not to panic No covid transmission has been found. From pigs to people in Thailand

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22 Nov 2021 19:49

Director General of the Departmentlivestock please don’t panic Specify that there has not been found to spread covid-19 from pigs to humans in Thailand. Recommend buying from standardized sources.

Mr. Sorawit Thanito, Director-General of the Department of Livestock Development, said about the case of information spreading that The coronavirus found in pigs can be transmitted to humans. It was reported in three children in Haiti, but the symptoms were not severe. There was only a slight fever and diarrhea. The coronavirus was found in pigs, the Porcine Deltacoronavirus (PDCoV), isolated from humans. And at present, the cause and origin of the infection is unknown. How can it be spread from pigs to humans?

Normally, pigs can be infected with the corona virus. but showing mild symptoms There are 6 strains of coronavirus found in pigs around the world, classified into 3 genus namely alpha, beta and delta, causing gastrointestinal, respiratory and nervous system symptoms.

The Department of Livestock Development has given importance to the surveillance of the corona virus. and other viral diseases that is an emerging disease continuously with preparation to cope with surveillance Control and prevent disease in the livestock and animal sectors There is a preparation of the laboratory for the analysis of samples, there is a plan for surveillance of emerging diseases. recurrence in pets and livestock which has a surveillance program for 5 strains of viral infections that are carriers of bats including the corona virus Results of past surveillance The incidence of viral infections in all 5 pig strains has not been found.

In addition, there are strict measures to control the production of livestock products at the production establishments. To make consumers both within the country and trading partner countries can be confident that meat is safe and free from Covid-19. Measures have been taken to control and prevent the spread of COVID-19. In an enterprise that covers the facility, operations (from raw material receiving, preparation, processing, storage and transportation) and operator personnel. by allowing all establishments to operate strictly Collect samples for analysis to monitor the infection.Covid-19 In meat, more than 4,477 samples of meat have been sampled since the onset of the disease for proactive surveillance in establishments and fresh markets, all of which have not been contaminated with COVID-19. in the meat sample

In addition, at every export establishment, there will be veterinary inspectors working regularly at the factory to examine animal diseases and supervise the meat production process in accordance with good sanitation principles. and control establishments to comply with measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 strictly

Director General of the Department of Livestock Development added that from the continuous implementation of strict Covid surveillance measures Asking consumers and all citizens to be confident that meat that has been certified by the Department of Livestock Development is safe and free from covids. can be traced back with a clear reiteration that do not panic Currently, Thailand has not detected the corona virus in pork. It has not yet been found how the infection can be transmitted from pigs to humans.

However, people are encouraged to buy meat. and standardized products from production and distribution sources that have been certified by the Department of Livestock Development.

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