Cavani joins forces with Barcelona

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Barcelona has come up with an unexpected ally in its negotiation for taking over Lautaro’s services, which, as we have been reporting on ABC for a long time, is the Barça team’s priority objective to strengthen its team for the coming season. Edison Cavani, who has just signed a contract with PSG and has no intention of renewing with the French club, is negotiating with Inter for his arrival in Milan. If finally the Uruguayan concretizes his incorporation, the Italian club would have achieved a relief for Lautaro at zero cost and would not have the urgency of looking for a striker to replace the Argentine. Although the Italian team had originally set its sights on Dries Martens, the fact that the attacker has decided to extend his relationship with Naples has opened the door for Cavani. The South American striker was already on the Interista agenda in previous seasons.

All the roads that Cavani takes lead him to Inter. Even the possibility that Mauro Icardi, Inter striker on loan to PSG, has decided to extend his loan to the entity chaired by Nasser Al-Khelaifi. In fact, the Qatari magnate plans to keep the footballer in property although he will try to renegotiate the 70 million that he agreed with Inter. As Antonio Conte does not have Icardi, PSG is confident that it will not find excessive obstacles for Inter to agree to an agreement. All this domino will end with Lautaro at the Camp Nou. The Argentine has already told his club that he only wants to play for Barcelona and the agreement between the Catalan club and the footballer is tied. All that remains is for Barça and Inter to agree on the transfer price. The transalpine refer to the 111 million euros that the Argentine will cost during the first fortnight of July. Barcelona, ​​meanwhile, aims to include footballers with whom to make the operation cheaper. Arturo Vidal and Semedo are the best placed.

On the other hand, it should be noted that Bayern Munich has announced that it will not enforce Coutinho’s purchase clause, so the Brazilian will return to Barça as soon as the season ends. Karl Heinz Rummenigge confirmed this Friday at Der Spiegel: “The option has already expired and we have not exercised it, now we will have to complete the squad planning for next season and we will see if the player can still have a role to play with us or no », he explained, dropping that there would be a possibility if Barcelona lowers the fixed price of 120 million euros. Keep in mind that Coutinho’s performance has been far from expected. In principle, the Brazilian is liked by Quique Setién, who must seek accommodation during the preseason. The talented footballer is currently injured when going through the operating room to solve his ankle problems. In Germany he had played 32 games and had scored 9 goals and given 8 assists. .


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