Cayman “fell asleep”, but they didn’t wallet: a jaguar ate him | Chronicle

Abigail Martin, a jaguar conservation activist was able to capture on camera in April of last year the moment when the jaguar nicknamed Mick Jaguar, inhabitant of the Brazilian part of Pantanal —biome that extends in Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil—, hunted an alligator weighing 36 kilos.

The recording shows how the cat drags a reptile that it has just captured on the bank of a river. At a time when the cat loosens the pressure of its jaws, the alligator seizes the opportunity and tries to escape. However the Mick Jaguar reached him with ease and sank his teeth back into his neck, dragging him into the bushes.

Martin, a 30-year-old New Yorker, founded the non-profit organization Jaguar Identification Project who is dedicated to compiling an individual database of jaguars to better understand their behavior.

The expert explained that although Mick Jaguar is not known as the best hunter in the area, but he is an ‘expert’ in hunting reptiles. “He’s not really the best hunter, but if you stick with him (to watch him), he will certainly catch something.”, Held.

“Every time you see one of these majestic creatures in the wild, it’s almost as if everything in life that doesn’t matter just disappears and all of your senses come alive. I love to see them without distractions to be able to enjoy the unique and wonderful experience“he added.

The fights between jaguars and alligators in this region have been filming since at least 2017, when the photographer Chris Brunskill recorded a confrontation.

But nevertheless, Recent fires in the Pantanal jaguar corridor meant that 600 of the 2,000 jaguars estimated to live in the region suffered injuries and deaths.

The video of the confrontation between the fierce feline and the reptile


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