CBD oil now for sale on Amazon, but only in one country

Looking for legal CBD oil to relieve your pain or for its supposed benefits? Today, in France, only online stores sell this product reserved for adults. Tomorrow the American giant could offer CBD oil on Amazon France!

Remember that cannabidiol is none other than cannabis deprived of its psychoactive substance, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. In France, even if it tends to democratize, most of the products arrive from Suisse ! Tomorrow they could cross the Channel. And they are already for sale on Amazon UK.

The psychoactive cannabis is still banned in Franceeven for therapeutic purposes. Only cannabidiol oil can be sold recently on specialized sites. And again, she must not contain more than 0.2% THC in the finished product.

CBD is on the rise all over the world and Amazon has understood that there is a market there to be conquered! We therefore find CBD in the form of oil, but also seeds or flowers! Amazon is currently testing cannabidiol sales in the UK, but sales may be possible in other countries quickly.

Amazon recalls that only sellers participating in a pilot program can currently sell CBD! No need to rush to sell CBD on the platform, Amazon selects its sellers by invitation and does not recruit additional sellers.

Some benefits attributed to CBD:

  • Relaxing in case of stress and anxiety
  • It could alleviate diabetes and would be beneficial for the health of the heart.
  • Cannabidiol would provide restful sleep.
  • It would relieve chronic pain such as low back pain.

In the meantime, many French shops offer CBD oil or completely legal derivatives! Good or bad thing, we can’t really judge, always it will be necessary ensure that THC levels and production origins are safe.

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