CDC boss Redfield’s troubled past endorsed by Anthony Fauci

Why do we have to question the “judicial immunity” given to the new Covid-19 vaccines?

That person is Robert R. Redfield, a former U.S. Army medical colonel appointed by President Trump in 2018 to head the ” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention », And current administrator of the Agency for Toxic Substances and the Disease Registry.

He is the top U.S. official at the CDC, responsible for evaluating drugs, management, and potential vaccines for Covid-19. Following a 1994 USAMC investigation into the misconduct of AIDS drug trials, he was promoted instead of being sidelined from the armed forces. Anthony Fauci is fully aware of the cloud of doubt that floats above this man’s head.

On June 7, 1994, Public Citizen’s Health Research Group physicians Peter Lurie and Sidney Wolfe wrote Congressman Henry Waxman the following letter:

“Dear Representative Waxman, We are writing to ask your subcommittee to hold a hearing, as soon as possible, to investigate the accusations of serious irregularities committed by US Department of Defense researchers on AIDS. We have obtained internal memorandums, which have not been made public before, from the Ministry of Defense which allege a systematic model of data manipulation, statistical analyzes inappropriate and the presentation misleading data by Army researchers in an apparent attempt to promote the usefulness of the GP160 AIDS vaccine (VaxSyn; MicroGenrSys, Meriden, Connecticut), which is intended to prevent disease progression in people infected with the HIV. “

The Phase I and Phase II studies, in which this alleged fault occurred, were conducted by researchers at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR), led by Lt. Col. Robert Redfield, MD., the head of the Department of Retroviral Research. The misleading results of these trials have been reported in various scientific forums, including the New England Journal of Medicine in June 1991, the Journal AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses in June 1992, and the Annual International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam in July 1992. In addition, exaggerated conclusions have been presented twice in hearings before your subcommittee.

With regard to the Amsterdam speech of July 1992, on the vaccine GP160, Redfield asserted that there were strong indications of efficacy. It should be noted that the Air Force had commissioned the private company MicroGenesys to develop the vaccine in the first place solely on the basis of Redfield’s own “analysis”.

Later, the vaccine turned out to be useless. Many researchers, however, had been skeptical of the data and were unable to replicate Redfield’s “analysis”.

In October 1992, two senior USAAF officers concerned attempted to denounce Redfield.

A memo dated October 21, 1992 from Major Craig W. Hendrix, Air Force Medical Officer and Director of the HIV Program, and Colonel R. Neal Boswell, Medical Officer and Deputy Chief of the Air Force Medical Division, to Col. Donald Burke, physician and director of the Retrovirology Division at WRAIR and immediate supervisor of Dr. Redfield denounced “ the problem of misleading or possibly misleading presentations by Dr. Redfleld who overestimated the GP160 Phase I data … ”and recommended that the following actions be taken:

(1) publicly correct the document in a medium conducive to widespread dissemination to our civilian scientific colleagues;

(2) censor Dr. Redfield for potential scientific fault which should at least include the temporary suspension its participation in current immunotherapy protocols;

(3) launch a investigation by a fully independent external investigative body, such as the NIH Office of Scientific Integrity [devenu aujourd’hui le Bureau de l’intégrité de la recherche], in order to assess the facts of the case and recommend appropriate measures.

Thus, senior scientists at the Department of Defense would have been aware of this fault since at least October 1992. In fact, Mr. Redfield admitted that his analyzes were wrong on at least three occasions before internal audiences of the Ministry of Defense (the first time was August 28, 1992).

A big clean-up ensued, and this is the conclusion of Lurie and Wolfe in their letter to Waxman:

“A year and a half later, the requests made by Drs. Hendrix and Boswell were not satisfied (and this malthough they have been approved by the directors of clinical HIV programs in the army and navy, Colonel Charles Oster and Captain Walter Kamey, respectively). Instead of that, faulty analyzes have never been publicly retracted, Dr. Redfield continues to test GP160 and only an internal Army investigation has been conducted. This “informal investigation”, led by Colonel Harry Dangerfield of the Army, concluded that “the evidence cannot support a conclusion to scientific fault”.

Colonel Dangerfield’s investigation was then the subject of an “access to information request” (according to the provisions of the FOI or Freedom of Information), and revealed that all negative comments about Redfield had been deleted.

The full version of the statement to Colonel Dangerfield by Dr. William McCarthy, director of biostatistics for the Henry M. Jackson Foundation, a non-profit foundation created by an act of Congress to work with researchers at the Department of Defense , has been deleted globally.

Dr. Redfield therefore continued testing of GP160. Hundreds of people infected with HIV have been included in expensive clinical trials in WRAIR as well as in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Montreal and Sweden. This time around, the results of the study were fraudulently modified, and as a result hundreds of people received the vaccine.

IHere again, Robert Redfield, now head of the CDC in the United States, has consistently promoted an unnecessary vaccine. Even the great US Army cleanup of 1993 acknowledged that Redfield had a relationship “inappropriate close ” with the non-governmental group “Americans for a Sound AIDS / HIV Policy” (ASAP) which promoted the GP160 vaccine. This group was founded by evangelical Christians.

The contract won by MicroGeneSys based on Redfield’s ‘advice’ was to $ 20 million.

Chief Medical Officer of the United States, Anthony Fauci, not to name him, is identified in an article dated November 1992 that appeared in the journal Science about John Ward’s investigation into Redfield’s past. Full article establishes that « established experts ”in AIDS research were furious after the contract was awarded, calling it “a blatant attempt to bypass peer review ».

It is very clear that Fauci was aware of the Army investigation into Redfield’s fault, but it never had “any data criticism” and was instead used by MicroGeneSys. He should also know that this “vaccine” against AIDS has proved unnecessary.

However to this day, he is still content to have Redfield at the helm of the Centers for Disease Control. Hmmm.

The American pharmaceutical sector has obtained legal immunity from prosecution on lawsuits that could arise from side effects or deaths related to Covid-19. We can ask ourselves the question of the relevance of this decision given the statistical inflation of the number of deaths attributed to Covid-19, the concerted media attack against hydroxychloroquine, the need for a true independent audit of the Recovery clinical trial led by Peter Horby that discredited hydroxychloroquine, and endless revelations about the dangers of Big Pharma’s omnipotence, desperate to make research projects find certain things and no others.

Basically, the problem is not that difficult to understand. It appears that, and this observation is shared by thousands of other experts in the medical world or with solid scientific skills, the global pharmaceutical industry aims to misuse science, alarmist lobbying and its public relations, the utopian hope of a vaccine and smear campaigns against known drugs to persuade ordinary citizens and their “Rulers” that vaccination is vital to stopping a “deadly virus”. While in fact statistics and the medical experience of practitioners suggest that the virus is generally mild and responds well to known drugs when administered intelligently … Drugs that are inexpensive and for which there is little to be gained by physicians. laboratories.

Donald Trump has said he will find the culprits. This one should be at the top of his list.

John Ward thanks Jon Cohen AIDS research and the CA-C for their help in writing this article.

Translated from English by France Evening, original article

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