CDC enforces mask use on public transportation starting Tuesday

CDC enforces mask use on public transportation starting Tuesday

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CDC enforces mask use on public transportation starting Tuesday

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced Friday night that, starting at 11:59 pm next Monday, the use of masks will be required. on all public transport.

He mandate, signed by CDC division director Martin S. Cetron, was released after President Joe Biden issued an executive order on January 21 calling for “immediate action” on the use of masks to ” all forms of public transport “.

The order actually applies to all types of public transport (planes, trains, boats and buses) and for places such as air terminals, train stations, subway stations, seaports and bus stations. Also covers subway, taxis and transportation services in private vehicles such as Uber.

It is valid for both passengers and transport operators and workers, added the CDC, which specified that failure to comply is violating a federal order.

At the same time, the text provides exceptions for children under 2 years of age, people with certain types of disabilities, truckers and military carriers. Travelers will be allowed to briefly lower the mask to eat and drink, the CDC said.

The measure will remain in force until the health authorities decide otherwise and their “voluntary compliance” will be encouraged, in accordance with the text.

Biden used his early days in office to also demand the use of masks and social distancing on all federal properties. While it stops before the mandatory use of masks in all public situations, it has encouraged the use of face masks “throughout the United States.”

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