CdMx Congress asks Metro director for a report on the substation fire

He Congress of Mexico City requested the director of Metro, Florence Serrania, send a detailed report of the causes that originated, on January 9, a fire at the Buen Tono electrical substation.

Plenary of the CdMx Congress.  (Taken from @Congreso_CdMex)

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Plenary of the CdMx Congress. (Taken from @Congreso_CdMex)

This, through a point of agreement, signed by the president of the mobility commission, Miguel Angel Macedo, which was unanimously approved during the virtual session on Wednesday.

By using her voice, the brunette legislator, Donaji Olivera, indicated that local authorities have promptly followed up on said incident, they have also informed the public and actions are already being implemented to guarantee mobility.

However, he added that more information is requested on the matter because it is necessary to know how long the problem will be resolved.

“However, we consider it appropriate to be informed in a timely manner about the actions that are being carried out, the approximate time it will take to resolve the problem; how will the demand of users be met, if there is a risk that such an event could happen again, and the reasons that originated the fire, ”he said.

For his part, the PRD deputy, Victor Hugo Lobo, proposed to integrate into said project a request for information on technical preventive maintenance that was carried out during 2020 at the facilities.

“How the victims are being cared for, a diagnosis of the affected equipment and whether there is a structural technical opinion, as well as the actions that are carried out and will be carried out to put this means of transport into operation,” he explained.

Likewise, the also PRD, Jorge Gaviño, asked to add a detailed report of how lines 4, 5 and 6, the Central Control Post, Optical Control, signaling, and the Tetra Communications Network are operating in the resolutions of the point of agreement.

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Meanwhile, the legislator of Morena, Guadalupe Chavira de la Rosa, requested the information on the cancellation of the contract for the maintenance of the substation in July 2018.

Finally, the deputy of the PT, Jannete Guerrero, He proposed integrating an injunction for the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City to accelerate the investigations into the events that occurred at the Metro facilities.


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