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Last Wednesday, December 9, a new case of mistreatment of women was presented in Mexico City (Mexico).

A man, who has gone viral on social networks under the name of ‘Lord Pateador’, attacked a pregnant woman in the parking lot of Plaza Artz Pedregal, located in the colonial neighborhood of San Ángel, of the capital of the Aztec country. ‘.

The guards of the commercial establishment came to the aid of the woman, identified as Iliana Athié, after the aggressive subject, identified as Rodrigo Lozano Téllez, kicked his vehicle.

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The history

Lozano Téllez was with his wife, Alejandra Duarte, inside their car, occupying one of the parking spaces.

When he saw that they had the car’s engine running, Athié whistled them to see if they were going to vacate the place and be able to park there.

The act caused great anger in the man, who got out of the vehicle, went towards the driver, began to insult her and kick against the door of his truck.

The victim posted a video and images of the events on Facebook. “I had the worst experience of my life,” he wrote with the publication. In this He relates that the man and the wife fled the scene, however, they were detained by the security guards of the commercial establishment.

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(Can you read us from the app? See here the victim’s Facebook post)

‘Lord Pateador’ refused to pay the cost of the damage to the car that the insurance charged the pregnant woman, so the case had to be transferred to an agency of the Public Ministry of Mexico, specifically to the Álvaro Obregón 3 Agency , of the Attorney General’s Office

While they declared in the MP, the son of the aggressive man, identified as Rodrigo Lozano, broke the mirror of Athié’s car with a stone.

Although the attackers did not pay for the damages, they had to serve 48 hours of arrest.

“Do you think that 48 hours of arrest (which I am not sure they have completed) works so that crazy guys like this stop walking down the street attacking and beating others? It’s not fair, who pays me? Who takes away the fright and aggression? ”, The pregnant woman wrote on her Facebook.

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(If you read us from the app see here the video in which the subject is seen kicking the car).

The demand

In an interview for the Mexican media ‘Excelsior’, The victim reported that she will denounce the man for gender violence and accused that the subject attacked her despite the fact that he warned her that she was pregnant.

“In the complaint it was only damage to my vehicle, but I do have a group of lawyers and we are going to make a complaint for gender violence,” said Athié.

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