CDMX restaurants ready to reopen on Monday, with restrictions

After two negotiating tables, the capital’s government accepted the proposals of the restaurateurs, who promised to abide New measures, so they assume that the next Monday they will reopen “gradually”. Although the agreements will be made official by next Friday.

With “Strict” measures, which must be fully respected, businessmen thanked the authorities for accepting the opening of businesses until 18:00 hours, and after that time they will only give take away service, although the capital government wanted the attention to be until 4:00 p.m.

However, the restaurant businessmen stated that “this schedule is unfeasible, because it eliminates meals, since culturally the Mexican diner comes to eat between 142:30 and 15:00 hours”, which did not help them at all.

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In exchange, the authority requires terraces and tables outside, as well as maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters between them the diners.

Similarly, restaurateurs have the obligation to work in coordination with the municipalities, so that they facilitate that businesses that do not have a terrace, can serve on the sidewalk.

Although for this, at each table there will be no more than four people, apply the protocol “Safe Table”, reinstall the systematic use of QR code, weekly employee sampling at 5% of the payroll, with Covid-19 tests in businesses with more than 50 workers.

As well as accompanying the workers of the Administrative Administration Institute (Invea) in supervisory operations.

In addition, in the next stage, the restaurateurs offered that in this stage of the Red Traffic Light, from the Monday 25 of this month, “and permanently each time Mexico City has to return to a red light, the opening will be with a capacity of 25% indoors and 35% on terraces and outdoor tables.

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No more than six people per table, the service will be until 10:00 p.m. from Tuesday to Sunday, with the closing monday, no music, continue with the application of the protocol “Safe Table”, systematic use of QR code, weekly employee sampling at 5% of the payroll with Covid-19 tests in establishments with more than 50 workers and monitoring of Invea in supervision operations.

However, to move to Orange Traffic Light, they proposed to return to the operating conditions published in the Official Gazette of the CDMX, such as: 30% indoor and 40% outdoor capacity; closing time until 23:00; live, recorded and videotaped music, with a maximum volume limit of 62 dB; and six diners per table, among other measures.



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