CDU: Extreme frustration in the Merz camp can be dangerous for Laschet

FUnctionaries and officials emphasized that after the election of the CDU chairman, everyone would gather behind the new party leader, regardless of who it was. That you then have to show unity for the upcoming elections. After that is now. But the party does not come to rest. Because in a part of the CDU the disappointment is too big about the defeat of Friedrich Merz against Armin Laschet. There are even the first party withdrawals.

WELT is an example of the resignation letter from a Christian Democrat from North Rhine-Westphalia who left after almost 20 years of membership. He gave detailed reasons for his decision in a one and a half page letter. His feelings towards the party leadership have changed over the years “from disappointment and horror to contempt and, in the end, even hatred”.


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