Celebrate Christmas differently thanks to the Circular Economy Ressourceries and Recycling Centers

By Pascale Krémer

Posted yesterday at 6:00 p.m., updated at 06:30 a.m.

Santa Claus loves “garbage”. To some, he will offer the waste of others. “And there, you enter the elves’ workshop”, laughs Karina Perez, diving into the basements of the Ressourcerie (trademark registered by the National Resourceries Network) that she founded, rue de Saussure, in the 17e Parisian district. At every corner of this giant bric-a-brac, people are busy, in fact, receiving donations from individuals in a hurry to relieve themselves, weighing, sorting, evaluating, tinkering on large workbenches, heaps of objects: tons of clothes, shoes and bags, mountains of crockery, trinkets, toys and appliances of all kinds, pyramids of furniture, dizzying piles of books …

First phase of the donation recovery circuit: the weighing of the items, on December 10.  The Ressourcerie des Batignolles, in Paris, has received up to 4 tonnes of it every day since the end of the first confinement in May.

Made desirable again, these thousand and one scraps of consumer society then have the honors of the solidarity store, on the floor above, where they are sold at friendly prices. The queue is long, this Wednesday afternoon, December 2, the day of reopening (post-containment) of the Ressourcerie des Batignolles. Seventy people trample for two hours in the chilly air – only twenty can enter simultaneously. All ages, all purchasing powers come together in the same impatience. The ramshackle shopping carts and plastic shopping bags of hypermarkets are on the move shopping, branded bags too.

“Fully furnished here”

In the shop, the excitement reigns, especially on the clothes racks and toy displays. Leila Ziani is already dragging big baskets. “We missed the Ressourcerie. I come every day, usually. ” Blonde ponytail in motion, the thirty-something raises six children alone. “I got fully furnished here. Elsewhere, it’s too expensive. We went to Leclerc, last week, my son wanted a keyboard-mouse for video games, I said: Wait, we’ll see at the Ressourcerie ”. ” Next to her, the preteen hugs the coveted object. Price? 5 euros. “It teaches children not to damage, adds Leila. Because afterwards, the clothes are given back here, they are used by other people. “

Jacadi girl dress in hand (3 euros), Natacha Mabika also defines herself as a ” addict ” from the place that “Arrange the wallet”. Not luxury, right now. The childcare assistant, four times a mother, explains that her companion, ” in the building “, has been unemployed since March “Because of the confinement”. In the queue for the checkout, she greets Aïcha Hadri, another regular. Tucked into the faux fur collar of his parka, the caregiver for the elderly has not worked any more since the outbreak of the pandemic. “Mom alone” of three children, she buys, apart from food, only“Here and at Emmaüs in the 19e “. “At the Ressourcerie, I can say yes to children. And it’s not just people who can’t afford it. “

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