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The MMORPG mobile game “Sword Spirit: Revolution” celebrates Halloween, launches a “creepy” celebration, and adds three new guardian spirits of the East China Sea Fleet to assist players in the battle.

Players will encounter three powerful guardian spirits of the East China Sea Fleet. Each guardian spirit has its own unique skills, which can help players with powerful power:

  • Lou Xinghua: Reduce the damage from the enemy
  • Cannon Lan: PvP dedicated
  • Endless Sea: New Attacking Guardian Spirit

From October 19th to November 2nd, 2021, as long as you log in to the game, you can get Awakening Lou Xinghua. In addition, participating in the event will also have the opportunity to get Awakening Lou Xinghua or the hero’s patron saint’s choice treasure chest. Players should not miss the improvement of combat effectiveness. Chance.

In Halloween, the strong autumn holiday atmosphere in “Sword Spirit: Revolution” continues. On November 2nd, a variety of Halloween-themed items such as pumpkin keys, pumpkin treasure chests and witch mysterious potions will be launched in the game. Players can visit daily Witch NPCs can get pumpkin treasure chests. Participate in the event and get the scare witch hat headdress drawings.

Players are welcome to join the event and participate in the Halloween celebration together.

“Sword Spirit: Revolution” is a MMORPG mobile game, based on the PC online game “Sword Spirit”, it perfectly interprets the movie-like revenge story, loyal to the essence of PC, presents it with high-quality full 3D graphics, and presents a huge story The content and worldview are embedded in the mobile phone.

In addition to the full 3D graphics, it also brings players a large-scale real-time power battle and fighting experience, can challenge a copy of gameplay that requires strategic skills, and can enjoy community content like real social networking.

For more information, please follow “Sword Spirit: Revolution”Official websiteas well as Facebook fan page


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