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Celebration of Tony Allen by Fixi and Nicolas Giraud in the #Session Live

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I have my own signature

nobody plays like me

and I don’t play like anyone

it’s work


I wanted to get there,

I didn’t want to measure myself against anyone

i just wanted to be me

and make sure that I make people happy ”.

Tony Allen. © Bernard Benant

It is with these words of Tony Allen that this live session opens with 2 guests Fixed and Nicolas giraud, 2 sons, 2 friends, 2 students of Tony Allen who disappeared from terrestrial radars on April 30, 2020.

“Tempo Tempo!” Intimated the legendary Tony Allen, a real conductor behind his drums, to the young people Fixed and Nicolas giraud, almost 25 years ago, inviting them to follow him in his singular rhythm …

Fixi & Nicolas Giraud thus started with Tony.

Clip Tony Allen 2011 with Fixi on keyboards and Nicolas Giraud on trumpet.

Then they followed their path without ever leaving it. Fixed met national success with Java, international recognition with Winston McAnuff, while illustrating himself with M, Arthur H, Grace Jones, or Keziah Jones. Nicolas giraud has meanwhile accompanied another legend, Claude Nougaro, and a great diversity of artists,Angelique Kidjo at Roberto Alagna Passing by Keren Ann or Manu Dibango. Two parallel trajectories, during 25 years, with Tony Allen as a rallying point or as a port to attach between two tours, between two musical adventures.

Far beyond a spiritual father or a mentor, Tony Allen was for them a friend who transmitted them values ​​and showed them the way: to realize oneself (Just want to be me), get to the point (Keep it simple) and Celebrate your life (Life is Beautiful)…

The three were to meet together to discographically seal their friendship, but Tony left prematurely to join the stars on April 30, 2020.

During the following months, the two companions heard every day “Tempo Tempo!” : the desire to reconnect with Tony is powerful.

Thus, around the recordings of his drums, Fixi and Nicolas meet, compose, and record their instruments (trumpet, accordion, piano, bass, percussions, vocals, guitars). Dialogue is restored.

They invite their musical family Maïa Barouh, Djeuhdjoah, Nigerians Ayo Hatetiti and Fatai Rolling Dollar, but also Tony Allen’s grandson, Tunji, to participate and sing in their own way the genius of the great Tony Allen, master of the tempo.

“Tempo tempo!” is a colorful and joyful celebration that brings the legacy of a true music legend to life. Watch the clip Life is Beautiful.

Fixi and Nicolas Giraud at RFI.
Fixi and Nicolas Giraud at RFI. © Laurence Aloir / RFI

Performed titles

Just Want To Be Me, Live RFI

Time Time (from the album Time Time)

79, Live RFI


Fixi, accordion

Nicolas giraud

Son Benoît Letirant.

Nicolas Giraud.
Nicolas Giraud. © Laurence Aloir / RFI

Fixi and Nicolas Giraud playlist

Fixed Choice1: Gaye Su Akyol Stability Dream is Reality see the clip

Choice 2 Nicolas: Pat Thomas Gyae Su see the clip

Fixed Choice3: Georges brassens The 4 Bachelors

Choice4 Nicolas: Tony Allen x Hugh Masekela Obama Shuffle


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