“Celebrity Big Brother”: Melanie wants to “give everything” for her marriage

“Promi Big Brother”
Melanie wants to “give everything” for her marriage

Melanie Müller is the 2021 “Celebrity Big Brother” winner.

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Melanie Müller is the “Celebrity Big Brother” winner in 2021. In an interview, she reveals how things will go on for her and her marriage after the show.

Melanie Müller (33) prevailed against her opponents in this year’s “Celebrity Big Brother” container and took the trophy home with her in the grand finale on Friday evening. The ex- “Bachelor” candidate and jungle queen showed herself on the Big Planet from her very private side and commented, among other things, on her marital problems with Mike Blümer (54). In an interview with the news agency spot on news, she reveals how far she will go for her relationship in the future, what she has planned with her prize money of 100,000 euros and what she was able to learn from the time on the Sat.1 show.

How did it feel for you to win the final challenge too?

Melanie Müller: At such a moment you are full of adrenaline. You know that the whole thing will soon be over and the decision will be announced. I generally love these challenges and I usually had a lucky hand with “Celebrity Big Brother” too. Against two men this is of course a bigger challenge. But you like to go in there. Especially since sitting and waiting in the house is also grueling. One is happy when something is on the program again on such a final day and everything goes over faster. The fact that I was then of course the fastest and won the challenge felt very, very good. Normally something like that is elementary in “Celebrity Big Brother” and you can earn nomination protection or something like that. The extra speaking time was nice too – even if I’m not the biggest speaker.

On the evening before the finale, you spoke again about your private life in the jacuzzi. Do you think that it was mainly your openness that earned you the sympathy of the audience?

Müller: I think people called for me because I am who I am. I am hardly embarrassed about anything, I speak openly and without frills about things that I have in my head. I don’t think that I am anything better than others – or anything worse. I am somehow everyone because I don’t have any great airs. And then you just talk about your private life. Isn’t anything so wild. Why should I pretend or be embarrassed?

You said you regretted the recent lack of time for your children because of your work. Will you change something immediately when you get back home?

Müller: Yes, definitely. I have firmly resolved to do this during that time. Over time I have once again seen very clearly that you have to live life and not just work and success that count. What’s the point of all this plowing if you don’t get any of it in the end? I am someone who always thinks that he has to do more than others – do, do, do. That also brings something. But if you don’t have time for the beautiful and important things in life, none of this will help. So I will definitely rethink my time management.

Did you want to make your children a little proud by participating in “Celebrity Big Brother”?

Müller: I don’t know whether my kids are so proud of their mom when they see some scenes (laughs). Perhaps you would have been more pleased if we had been together in the Black Forest for three weeks. But seriously: Of course, this is a project close to my heart. I love this format and the experience is priceless. But of course the financial aspect also played a role.

After your victory, will you make another attempt to save your marriage?

Müller: Personally, I will do everything I can to ensure that we can do it. But we do all of this calmly and take the appropriate time.

You want to use the prize money to pay for open items due to the corona pandemic, among other things. Are you now hoping for a complete new start?

Müller: We don’t need a fresh start in this regard. But of course Corona has torn a hole in some of our coffers. So we can stuff a bit and invest a little more. But let’s not kid ourselves: Of the 100,000 euros, only about half remains after tax and all.

Who will you keep in touch with after the show?

Müller: We’ll be going to Jörg’s 100th birthday in a few days. Eric is around the corner in Berlin, so we’ll meet there one day. I will definitely see Danni in Mallorca and she has already invited me. I also want to keep in touch with Danny. In general, I got to know a lot of dear colleagues. I definitely want to see Marie, Daniel and Papis again.


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